At Boys + Arrows, we are committed to inspiring and enlightening women all around the world. We are here to tell you that boys do not get to have all of the fun. Yell it LOUD. We are yelling it over here in Ventura, California. Boys + Arrows Swimwear is a classic company whose inspiration comes from endless memories of sun, sand, and smiles. Our mission is to develop a brand that will be around for years to come. We will stay true to our image and our customer hoping to inspire strong, confident women with an appetite for adventure and a passion for life.

The Boys + Arrows Brand goes out to all of the girls who are ready to give guys a run for their money, let go of their fears, and show the world their beautiful strength and free spirit. Come on girls! We may be pretty, but that won't stop us from living, loving, and playing with fire, boys, and arrows.

Why start with a two-piece? It's not the bikini, but what the bikini represents... Confidence, strength, adventure, beauty, memories, laughing till you cry, road trips, airplane tickets, bug bites, dirty hair, campfires, cheers-ing, arriving with a thousand things on your mind, and departing without a care in the world. A Boys + Arrows Bikini represents playing hard, finishing strong, falling in love, smelling the flowers and creating an experience that leaves a mark.

Boys + Arrows is gang of gals who do what they are afraid to do and take chances in love, and in life. We shall never give up, and we will always remember to laugh. Fueled by passion, created with love.