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Our good ol’ friend Todd likes to make a guest appearance in our lives every holiday season... and we’re not mad about it.

There’s nothin’ wrong with keepin’ yourself warm from the inside out during the cold winter months (at least that is what he tells us).

To continue our Booze+Arrows blog series through the winter, we decided to deliver you our once again funky rendition of an alcoholic beverage. Drink up with our buddy, Hot Toddy. Luckily, he is easy-going and doesn’t care how you dress him up (or down). Salute!



-2 oz. whiskey or bourbon (drinker’s preference)
-4 ounces of hot water
-1 teaspoon of honey
-1/2 oz. of lemon juice
-1 cinnamon stick


If you want to get wild with it, add in more ingredients like a pack of apple cider tea, green tea or brown sugar like we did!



Pour hot water in to glass + add some honey… mmm 



Lemon juice…



Alcohol (there it is!)…



Brown sugar + apple cider tea bag + stir all together with a cinnamon stick!



Drop that bad boy in the glass and enjoy it while it’s hot. 


Stay warm, hooligans.


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