B+A Hooligan Holiday


What do ya get when you mix the gnarliest swell, a boat stuffed with sea-sick people, lots of alcohol and yummy snacks, an island, killer dance moves, and the B+A hooligans? The 2015 Boys+Arrows Holiday Party.

Because would it be Boys+Arrows if it didn’t turn out to be the most ridiculous/unorthodox experience ever? We don’t think so either.


Yep. We decided to not only ignore the dismal swell report but also the knowledgeable captain’s warning, and got on the damn boat. In order to make it through the puking passengers, sea showers (the waves were so big our boat was getting crashed on), and the freezing cold wind we had to start drinking beers and singing Christmas carols at 9:23 a.m. 


But we don’t want to give the impression that it was a horrific and terrible experience. If the B+A gang knows anything (besides making rad bikinis) it’s how to turn the worst situation into the best. So we did just that.



Boys+Arrows Holiday Party 


Once we arrived on the island, we practically had the place to ourselves. We drank-hiked (that’s chugging a bottle of champagne while hiking for those who don’t know) to the top of the island and plopped down on Mexican blankets. This gave us the most radical view of not only the island, but of our beautiful California coastline too. Suddenly, the boat ride, which is almost unspeakable of, was worth it.


Boys and Arrows Tipi


We set up our Ginger & Gilligan Supply Co. beach tipi, broke out the wine and food, turned on the tunes and entered total relaxation mode. We zumba-ed, snap-chatted, adventured, and all got to spend quality time together. 



When the time came for the boat to pick us up and take us back to the mainland, some of us were plotting to hide so we could camp there overnight. Then the reality hit that we needed to get back to the office and take care of serious business -- so that plan wasn’t implemented.

Fortunately, we all made it back to Ventura in one piece. We might have been drenched, exhausted, and a little tipsy -- but it didn’t stop us from having the best time.


As always, most details of our shenanigans are top secret, but this is for the greater good of society.

Bottom line: Santa Cruz Island is the bee’s knees and we recommend day-tripping there to everyone.

Oh, and also- HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE BOYS+ARROWS GANG!! We’re looking forward to seeing your ridiculous photos and hearing your crazy stories. Tag us @boysandarrows

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