Bikini or Bra? You Decide.

For us over here in B+A bikini land, bras just aren’t a thing. We didn’t plan it this way. Really, we didn’t… It is something that just sort of happened and it was so perfect we just went along with it. Serendipity at its finest.

We have said good-bye to the discomfort that is associated with annoying under-wires, shoulder straps that dig in, and the hunt for a bra that is cute enough to let peep through open-back or sheer tops.

In place of bras we wear our bikinis.

Our rule of thumb is to stick to the tops that have a sporty fit. Our personal favorites for styling bikinis with our outfits are: Fillis the Firecracker and Bev the Burglar. Speaking of... guess who just decided to come back to grace us with her presence? BEV IN BANDIT!

After a long day of adventure or lounging, you’ll forget you even have it on. It won’t be something you can’t wait to get off like a bra is.

Yep! Trend-setting and comfortable. Try it for yourself and have your mind forever changed on the functionality of B+A bikinis. Your girls will thank you.

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