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The Kalimotxo

Some of you may know our new friend as Kalimotxo (pronounced cali-MO-cho), but we over here at the B+A Clubhouse like to keep it real by calling it like it is: the Poor Man’s Sangria.

This little boozer originated in Spain, so for us Californians who think we are in Spain half of the time with our Spanish cuisine obsession, it fits in to our weekend perfectly.

Here’s the low-down on how to make it:
Half Coca-Cola
Half cheap red wine (the cheaper, the better)
Lemon and Lime (if you are feelin' fancy)




{MUST open wine with a knife—that’s what the cool kids do. MUST proceed with caution.}



Annnnnd… voila! The least bourgeoisie way to get tipsy…




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