Q&A with our New Gunslingers

Meet Jessica and Meredith. The latest Boys+Arrows gunslingers... we mean, bikini slingers! Duh! They represent the Boys+Arrows brand on the East Coast. Just like an awkward first date, we asked them some questions so we all could get to know each other a little better. And they did not disappoint with their answers.


Where are you two located as Sales reps for Boys+Arrows?
At the Seamless Showroom in New York


Favorite Boys+Arrows product?
Jessica - Kiki Bottoms all day.
Meredith - Just got myself some Louises and I can't take them off.
(Also, both of these answers mean we are topless, ha!)


Favorite drink or cocktail?
Tequila in the Summer and Whiskey in the Winter.


Who's on your playlist right now?
We've been listening to Reggae in the showroom. It really gets us fired up slinging bikinis! Drake happens a lot as well (but when doesn't he) and of course, Taylor Swift for scream singing.


Best fun place to stop when you're on the road (for work)?
WOW this is a tough one. We've had some epic road trips. America really has so much to offer and every place is so different. Its a really awesome part of our job that we get to experience our homeland. We usually play the local game and ask bartenders where they hang out. It always leads us to the best local finds. OH! And any thrift store outside of NYC has the ultimate gems.


What's a travel must-have that you bring with you?
Jessica - Car phone adapter for the music.
Meredith - Water bottles. Traveling makes you so thirsty!


Any travel snack guilty pleasures?
Jessica - String Cheese, Seltzer and all of the coffee.
Meredith - I am a gross man and I love beef jerky.


Favorite activity to do while procrastinating? 
Jessica - Make a playlist. 
Meredith - Get updates on celebrities and drop knowledge in the office.


Who's the better dancer?
Jessica - We both think we are great dancers until we see it live on film.
Meredith - I don't know… I would have to say Jess takes the cake on this one. She knows all the hip hop/club banger moves.


AND... make sure to watch the video (above) to get the full Jessica+Meredith effect!

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