Shop Talk with Tiki Girl


Store Name? 
Tiki Girl
Tell us a little about your store...
People like shopping with us mainly I think because the store is real cute and we are real nice and real fun.  
Favorite Boys and Arrows product?
Kiki the Killer Bottoms in BIRD!
Any exciting news for the store?
We are jumping on the "I have my own tee shirt line" bandwagon and debuting some cute tees and branded items this summer. So that's pretty exciting. 
Any events happening?
*Beyonce is doing a concert at the store for us this summer! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
Favorite summer cocktail?
Our fave cocktail is the TIKI GIRL.  
Recipe as follows:
Mix one part daydreamer, two parts shopaholic and three parts sun worshipper topped off with a splash of ride or die chick served over dry ice for that steamy effect. Highly recommend. 
*Budweiser is actually going to take us global with it. It's THAT freaking delicious.
On your playlist right now?
Music lets people know who you are as a person. I should probably take this question seriously.
Shotgun Rider - Tim McGraw
Crazy Love - Van Morrison
Hang Loose - Alabama Shakes
Taylor Swift - anything and everything all the time wherever I go. 
Anything else you would like to add?
Anything marked with an * in this interview is a lie. Sorry.  

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