Q + A with the MADWOMAN behind it all - Meagan Howard

Boys+Arrows’ brain and beauty, Meagan Howard, recently sat down with Foam Magazine for an interview where she spilled the beans on the brand. Read the full interview here for all the juicy details.

Q: What inspired you to create Boys + Arrows?
A: The branding and lifestyle inspiration behind my brand was due to the severe, physically painful jealousy, which I felt when I watched how much more fun guys were having, than girls. You name it… Spur of the moment surf trips, sleeping in trucks, no shirt-no problem, simply put- traveling around together like a bunch of hoodlums with a dirty hair, don’t care attitude that was genuine. They were living, and I couldn’t convince my gal pals to join the club in which I was attempting to create. The club of fearless thoughtless gals, running amok, buying the ticket, not thinking past tomorrow, creating endless memories that make you laugh so hard you that you develop major crows feet by the time you’re 23 (I earned mine even earlier and I’m super proud of them, almost like a good scar) I felt like everyone was waiting to live, and I wanted them to know there wasn’t a reason to wait, and you didn’t need a fella in order to do so.

Q: How did you come up with the name for B+A?
A: To simply sum it up, the name represents hobbies… BOYS- (pretty self explanatory!) ARROWS- Harmless mischief, good ol’ fashioned trouble making! Running around breaking hearts with an “It’s not you, it’s me” motto. I felt “Boys+Arrows” was perfect for what I was trying to encourage.

Q: What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome for B+A?
A: Hurdle? I mean, there haven’t been any! YEAH. RIGHT. From the moment I had the “idea” to create a brand until today as I’m typing these answers, it’s been my own personal hilarious version of Hunger Games. Small and big, but at the end of the day the perfect dose of insanity is what keeps me coming back for more because

I’m having too much damn fun the rest of the time.

Q: What advice would you give to girls who want to follow in your footsteps?
A: Don’t overthink it! You’ll be fine! It’s like when you jump in a chilly body of water. Don’t put your toes in first, horrible idea. Just jump. In addition, when someone says NO, tell them YES, and most importantly, affirmations. Use them constantly… I’m mean, constantly.


Q: What has been your favorite memory growing your brand?
A: Oh geez. Second impossible question of the interview! Okay, let me try. Ummmm, oh easy! My crew!! In what felt like the blink of an eye, I had a staff. Not just any staff. A small gang of gals+gents who are extraordinary, smart, passionate, motivated, determined and abnormally resilient. Realizing they were by my side is hands down my favorite memory.

Q: What sets B+A apart from your competitors?
A: I mean, my competitors are radical but if I had to answer this question I would say the authenticity of the lifestyle we encourage because we genuinely believe in who we are and what we are doing. Our bikinis are okay, too;) I suggest experiencing a Boys+Arrows bikini for yourself, and then you will know what sets us apart.

Q: What do you wish your customer would walk away with after purchasing with B+A?
A: I want them to walk away realizing they are now part of a GANG! Hopefully they will have a ginormous grin on their face accompanied by the highest level of confidence in their purchase.

Q: How do you manage your time while running your own business?
A: I don’t. That is on my to-do list.

Q: What's next for B+A?
A: A whole lotta stellar new BOYS (bikinis) to wear to death, a game changing cover up debut and all of the hilarious, raw, real moments in-between that we plan to share more and more with our following so they can feel as though they really are a part of the Gang, the idea, the lifestyle… Boys+Arrows.

Click here to check out the Foam Magazine article.

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