One Too Many Cocktails Sleep Mask

One Too Many Cocktails Sleep Mask

$ 70.00

White + Gold
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It's all too easy. One turns in to a few and at the end of the night all you need is some good shut-eye. Luckily, we've got you (and your eyes) covered. This silky sleep mask will keep you in dream world all the way through the night and long in to the morning - Depending on how many you sipped on the night before.

  • Made from 100% silk on the face side and filled with 100% lamb‰۪s wool 
  • Features a soft elastic band that will keep the mask in place while you slumber 
  • 9.5" length x 4" wide 
  • Fits 19" to 27" head circumference 
  • Gold lining: 100% silk 

*Made by Perpetual Shade

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